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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Year's Supply of Clothing

The following was taken directly from the Provident Living website in 2004:

"For many people, storing a year's supply of clothing is simply a matter of making the items now being worn last for a year.  However, growing children may need clothing, shoes, underwear, and coats in larger sizes than what they are currently wearing.  The clothing of older brothers and sisters can be considered as storage for younger children.
You may also want to store items that would be needed if family members had to do more hard physical labor in producing necessities or had to spend more time outdoors in harsh weather.  Such items could include gloves, overshoes, coats, and hats.
In addition, it is wise to learn the sewing skills necessary to repair existing clothing or to produce new clothing.  When possible, store extra fabric, sewing needles, thread, zippers, patching materials, and patterns."

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