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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fabulous Solar Funnel Oven You Can Make Yourself!

Last year I bought a Global Sun Oven for $250.  It works great.  But it was SO EXPENSIVE!

Brother Midkiff just sent me this link to a solar oven that you can make yourself.  It sounds like it even works better than my expensive one.

You can see the black-painted jar at the bottom of the oven.

Another great thing about a solar oven, is that you can boil water in it.  So it accomplishes two important things during a disaster:  it cooks your food without any fuel, and it purifies your water.

I have an idea:  Why don't several of us in the ward each make one and give a lesson at an evening Relief Society?  Just think what a blessing it will be to own one of these solar ovens when the time comes when we have no electricity for any extended amount of time.

(And be sure to print out these instructions, because when you need this oven, your power will be off and you won't have a computer.)

You put the food inside a black-painted canning jar, inside a Reynolds poultry-cooking bag, and set it at the bottom of the funnel.  

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