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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flooding the Wheat, Corn, Rice, Cotton, and Soybean Crops

Some more bad news for the food supply:

Fox News reported today that because of the flooding,

"the vital grain crops in the region are in peril. In some places, the floodwaters are swamping or bearing down on wheat that is almost ready for harvest and corn that has broken through the ground, as well as plantings of rice, soybeans and cotton. "

"Arkansas, the largest rice producer in the country, probably lost 300,000 acres of rice in the floods..."

"Irwin said 1 million acres or more of cropland could be completely wiped out from the flooding in the southern states. But he said the delayed planting in the northern Midwest, in his neck of the woods, could have even more of an effect on food prices nationwide....

Underscoring how far behind farmers in the water-logged region are, Irwin said Ohio has only planted 2 percent of its corn crop, compared with 74 percent by this time last year; Indiana has planted 4 percent of its corn crop, compared with 80 percent by this time last year, he said. "

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