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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Learn to Use Your Food Storage BEFORE the Crisis

The pastor Harold Camping has predicted the Rapture for today, and after that he says tribulation will come upon the wicked who are left upon the earth.  We, in the LDS church do not believe his prediction, but let's think about it.

We have been taught by modern prophets that the trials and tribulations will come first, and that Jesus Christ will come after that.  What if the tribulations actually started today?  

Would you have enough food storage, and would you know how to use your tents, water purifiers, campstoves, and propane heaters if society as we know it fell apart, we had no power or drinkable water and we were running for our lives?

Many people store food they do not know how to use.  They think that they will miraculously learn how to use it  when under stress.  But a disaster is not the time to try to learn new skills.  It is the time we fall back on what we already know.

First of all, the calamity that necessitates your using food storage will take a toll on you all by itself, without the additional stress of suddenly changing your diet and learning new cooking techniques.

You don't want to have crying, hungry children after a disaster, and then ruin the bread or burn the beans, while  cooking over some campfire.  It would be much better to practice cooking or baking outdoors during a fun Family Home Evening, and then if you ruin the food you can always feed them something else.

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