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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Real life panic happening today in Belarus

Just when you thought you couldn't bear to hear about another tornado, here is another bad scenario to think about.

What if the value of the currency in your country just got cut in half?  That happened yesterday in Belarus, and so today all the grocery stores were empty.

One more scenario where you would be thankful to already have your food storage.  Think about it.

Belarus Devaluation Spreads Panic

The Associated Press
MINSK — A sharp devaluation of the Belarussian ruble has spread panic across the country, with people rushing on Wednesday to buy dollars, euros, toasters and canned goods — anything that will not lose its value as quickly as the national currency.....
Unable to buy foreign currency, people bought all they could from stores, both to stock up on food as well as to invest in tangible goods whose value won't deplete as quickly as the ruble's. Home appliances, electronics and other durable consumer goods have vanished from the shelves, which now eerily resemble the waning days of the Soviet Union.
"I fought my bank to close my account and get 5 million rubles [$1,000] in cash, and I want to buy at least something before my money turns into dust," said Dmitry Malishevsky, a 48-year-old tractor factory worker who showed up at Minsk's main department store only to see empty shelves....
Nadezhda Gorelik, a clerk at a shopping center in central Minsk, said that people were hoarding sugar, salt and other staples. "There is a feeling that a war is about to erupt," she said.

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