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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Provident Living Challenge

May 2011 Provident Living Challenges:
Do one of these by the June evening Relief Society meeting and get a prize!

1.      Transportation alternatives:   Ponder what your family would do if gas was not available or too expensive, Come up with three alternate forms of transportation that your family could use to move goods or people short distances without gasoline, and report to Amy what you would do. 

 Look for items you already own, or inexpensive items you could buy.  Think of baby strollers, garden carts, wheelbarrows, bikes with baskets or panniers, wagons, small personal grocery carts, or wheeled luggage.  Note:  It is also important for each person in the family to have suitable walking shoes for walking long distances.  

2.     Grind some wheat and make something with the wheat flour.
If you do not have a wheat grinder, there are many people in the ward who will be happy to let you grind some wheat at their house. (Amy will get a list of these people.)  If your food turns out yummy, turn your recipe in to Amy and she will put it on her blog.

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