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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Stack or Not to Stack

(Photo from

I was reading a post on FoodStorageMadeEasy, and saw these photos.  The top and bottom photos look good, but the middle photo bothers me.  I think this person is going to regret stacking the buckets like that.

I do not recommend stacking your buckets like this.  We had many buckets full of wheat, and had them stacked 2 high and sometimes 3 high.  Every one of the lids on the lowest buckets cracked, and a lot of our wheat was ruined.

If you have to stack buckets, at least put a board across so that the weight is spread out a little better, over the rims of the buckets instead of just in the centers of the lids, and then only stack them 2 high.  Another good idea is to put lighter things, like rolled oats, on the top layer.  (A bucket of wheat or sugar weighs about 42 lbs, but a bucket of rolled oats only weighs 22 lbs.)

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