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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Water Shortage- Here's What I Learned, part 3

Small bottles are more convenient to use than big containers.
I was so happy we had lots of bottles of water- they were small and easy to use.  We have three 55-gallon drums of water in our garage, but they are inconvenient to use.  We never had to use them.

Here is how you flush a toilet:  Get a bucket.  Pour at least 3 half-gallon juice bottles of water into the bucket.  Dump the water quickly into the toilet bowl, aiming for the drain hole.  The surge of water will flush the toilet.  This uses less water than just pouring water into the toilet tank and pushing the flush lever.

Paper products are great when you don't have much water.
We were cooking and preparing food like normal during our water outage, so we to clean up the mess.  It is AWFUL to try to get shortening or butter off of dishes without wiping it, and paper towels were great for that.  Paper plates also helped.

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