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Monday, March 12, 2012

"What I Learned" by B.D, No Electric Lights challenge

This family did the "No Electric Lights/No Powered Entertainment for One Night" challenge.

"So here is what we learned:

Doing it yesterday was great because everyone was wiped out by 8 pm because it felt like 9 pm because of daylight savings. (Daylight Savings time started that morning) We didn't have anything in the house up until now except a flashlight.  So Saturday night after the stake relief society conference I went to Target and bought at least one of every kind of lantern/flashlight I could find.   
After last night we determined that we LOVED the head lights, especially the kids.  They work great for reading and I think I might keep it around all the time because it helped so much for reading.  We also learned that walking with a lantern is not fun because of the glare.  I did get a small flashlight that converted to a lantern and that was my husbands favorite out of all the lanterns.   
We loved your idea about solar x-mas lights and will definitely get them after Christmas when they go on sale.  I discovered that all these flash lights are nice but I do want to stock pile now when things go on sale the solar ones so that we don't have to keep so many batteries.   
I will also start a collection of candles.  I hate candles and NEVER use them, but with seeing how many batteries we will need to keep on hand with all these flashlights I will start a collection that I hope we will NEVER use.  Hope this helps,  it sure helped us." -B.D.

Then I asked her to tell me how she entertained the children (and the parents) with no powered entertainment.  Here is her reply:

"It didn't get dark till after 7 pm and the kids went to bed at 8 pm.  We spent that hour getting all the flashlights ready with batteries and handing out to the kids their head lights.  They had so much fun going off by themselves to their room with a book to read with their new light that we didn't have to entertain them.  B. and I read our books.   
At 3 am S. woke up I saw him bobbing around with his head light on coming up the stairs and then he realized there was no TV so we just went back  to bed.  It was an uneventful night."

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