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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Remember, our ward will be practicing "No Electric Lights and No Powered Entertainment for One Night" next week (preferably Sunday night March 11). 

(Reposted from Jan. 15, 2012)

Here is a great way to light your house during a disaster, when you have no electricity.

Buy solar powered Christmas lights.

The day before Christmas I was at Walmart, and saw solar powered LED lights.  They were originally $20, on sale for $13.  (The brand name was "Philips" Solar Powered LED, 110 bulbs, Cool White Icicle Lights, For outdoor use, Lighted Length: 8 ft.)

I charged them for one day, then put them in my windowless master bedroom closet.  They shined for 4 days!  The closet was not as bright as using the ceiling light, but it was plenty light enough to get dressed.  If you needed more light I think you could use two strands.

I was so glad I had bought 4 sets, and next year I am going to buy more.

I am very excited that manufacturers are making solar powered items, because they are really going to help out people like me who can see their usefulness as a survival product.

I plan to loop them across the top of my draperies to light up a room during a power outage.  I just have to remember to charge them in the days preceding a hurricane or ice storm.

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  1. And oh how pretty our homes will be too during a power outage! ; ) I think that would help with the calmness of the whole situation too. Especially with young frightened children afraid of the dark. What's not to love about a party atmosphere?

    P.S. Speaking of solar may have already mentioned this on your blog....I am new here.....but those large garden solar lights would work great too. Just bring them into the house at night and stand them up in a vase or tow with some decorative rocks......or just stick them in with your potted house plants. Who says emergencies can't look nice too.

    Looking forward to reading more of your great ideas here! thanks!