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Monday, March 5, 2012

Walton Feed Order- spring 2012

Wanda M., from the Chapel Hill ward, sent me the following (I have changed it a little.)

Dear friends,

Twice a year, Melissa C., a dynamic amazing sister in South Carolina, runs a multi-stake, multi-state Walton Feed order.  Walton Feed is a food storage / bulk foods company in Idaho.  Because Melissa combines orders over such a large area, she gets good discounts.  In many cases, her price WITH shipping is less than the website's price WITHOUT shipping.

To keep the prices as low as possible, we ship the food out by truck.  This means (a) we have to wait for the food to be delivered -- sometimes several months; and (b) when the food is delivered, everyone who ordered needs to help with the delivery.  It is not a quick process; it takes about two hours.  If you cannot lift, you can make sure things are organized properly and labels are facing out.  It is amazing, but these simple, non-lifting tasks can cut the order time in half, and that's important!

This order is run entirely by volunteers.  Nobody makes any money on this order except Walton Feed.  This order is not endorsed by the Church.  It is one of many ways to get food storage.

So, it now is time for the spring 2012 Walton Feed order.  Deadline to have orders to Amy is Sunday March 25.  That is a strict deadline.  I have attached a spreadsheet price list, and a .pdf price list.  To order, you enter your order on the spreadsheet and e-mail it back to me.  Then send me a check for the appropriate amount. (You need to make the check out to me- AMY)  I combine all the orders, and e-mail one combined order to Melissa, and snail mail her one large check for our stake.  She combines all the orders she gets, works out the kinks, organizes the trucks and routes, and sends it to Walton Feed.  Because her bank freaks out when she walks in with 200 checks to deposit, she asks for one check per stake.  I guess 50 checks is all the bank can handle :-).

--Wanda M.

From Amy:

Please email me if you are thinking of ordering, or if you have any questions.  If I can't answer them, I will have you call Wanda.

To my ward members:  Email me and I will email you a spreadsheet and price list.

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