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Friday, March 9, 2012

Candles: 365 is not too many

Remember, our ward will be practicing "No Electric Lights and No Powered Entertainment for One Night" next week (preferably Sunday night March 11). 

Reposted from April 29, 2011

I read somewhere on a survivalist-type blog that we should have LOTS of candles.  They said that "365 is not too many."  So ever since, I have been buying candles at yard sales anytime I see them.  Here are some I got a couple of weeks ago, I think I paid $5 for the whole bunch.

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  1. We can store lamp fuel, but using that all the time will run out quickly, quicker than we think. I believe we should have alternative "everything" including lighting. Candles are a great addition to our storage, and we can learn to change them to last longer as well while we have the time. The larger candles i would break down into smaller longer "taper" candles you get the same amount of light, you just don't use up the candle as fast and you could make 3-4 out of it ( I'm approximating given only the photo) We should have wicks too in storage. THANKS for the web site! Love it, Tallahassee 4th Ward, Food Storage person and almost prepper