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Monday, March 5, 2012

March Emergency Essentials order

This order is not endorsed by the Church.  It is one of many ways to get food storage.

To my ward members:  Please get your checks made out to me by March 18. (Please don't give me checks in the chapel.)

In my opinion, here are some of the good deals this month:

Group specials:  (If we get one set of these, all of our order has free shipping.)  If you look at these on their website, the more expensive price shows.  If you click on it, the cheaper price shows.

Freeze dried chopped spinach.  #10 cans. We need to order 12 cans, to get the sale price of $9 (instead of $13.95) and free shipping.
As a group leader, they sent me a free can of FD spinach to try.  I ADORE spinach dip, and buy frozen chopped spinach for $1 per package.  So I tested the FD spinach, and it rehydrated in just a couple of minutes, and I made some spinach dip, and couldn't tell the difference.  I am definitely going to buy some, because then I can make spinach dip anytime I want to without running to the store for the frozen stuff.

I will give a small baggie of freeze dried spinach to anyone who wants to try it out.  Just come over and get some.

Dehydrated Chopped Onions.  #10 cans.  We need to order 12 cans, to get the sale price of $8 (instead of $10.95.) and free shipping.
I compared the Emergency Essentials price of $8 for 30 oz, to Sam's Club price of $13.88 for 50 oz.  The EE price was .27 per ounce, and the Sam's Club price was .28 per ounce.  So it wasn't a huge savings, but if you are in the market for dehydrated onions anyway, please consider buying them here so we can get the free shipping.

March specials: (These are just cheaper prices.  We don't have to buy a certain amount to get this price.  Doesn't help us get free shipping.)

Heirloom Seed Combo Pack.  $18.99.  These are good to buy if you believe we are going to have to live off of our gardens someday.  Keep seeds in your freezer, and rotate them every year.

Freeze-dried Chicken Breast strips.  $28.99 each.  (About 50 cents cheaper if we buy 6 or more.)  I have heard this meat turns out really good when rehydrated, just like freshly cooked.  I haven't tried it myself.

Provident Pantry Instant Nonfat Dry Milk (the blue label). #10 can.   $15.49 each, regular $19.95.  (About 50 cents cheaper if we buy 6 or more.)  This is the milk that my friend's family said is the very best to drink.

Good things that people have asked me about:

100 hour Plus Emergency Candle.  $4.50.  

High Uinta Endurance LED Headlamp flashlight.  $5.95.  I wore one of these flashlights on my head during my announcement in Relief Society last Sunday.  The ones at Walmart are $14.

Mr. Heater indoor-safe propane heaters, Emergency Essentials carries 3 different models:  All three of them have a low-oxygen shut-off sensor, and a tip-over shut-off sensor

Mr. Heater Big Buddy, $136.99. Heats up to 400 sq ft.   (This is the one I have.  It has a battery-powered fan.).  I saw a couple in the clearance department at Walmart last week for $129, there might be one left.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy.  $94.95.  Heats up to 200 sq ft.  (It also has a battery powered fan.)

Mr. Heater Little Buddy.  $69.95.  

Kelly Kettle, outdoor cooking system, base camp combo.  $109.95.  My husband has been wanting to buy this, he thinks it is a great way to cook while camping.

Boxed Water Kits.  Kit containing 5 boxes/bags, $30.99. Kit containing 20 boxes/bags, $114.99.   Each box when filled weighs 40 lbs.  Stackable up to 3 high to save floor space.  My mom has these in all her closets.

If you want to receive your own catalogs, please email me with your mailing address and I will submit your name to Emergency Essentials.  I think it is helpful to receive the catalog, it seems easier to browse through all their products.

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