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Friday, March 9, 2012

Flashlights- Several ideas

Remember, our ward will be practicing "No Electric Lights and No Powered Entertainment for One Night" next week (preferably Sunday night March 11). 

First, don't store batteries in flashlights for long-term.  When not using your flashlight, take the batteries out and put them in a baggie, and tape it to the flashlight.

(Repost from June 27, 2011)

I was reading the website of someone who has been through some very tough circumstances, so he knows what supplies are useful and which are not.

This is the best flashlight to own, according to him.

(Another repost, from Sept. 26, 2010)

I keep looking for flashlights that don't use batteries. Here are some I have found in local stores:

You squeeze the lever over and over on this one to charge it. $2 at Northern Tool at South Hills Mall, Cary.

$10.88, Walmart, Morrisville. You wind this crank around and around.

You shake this one to charge it. $6 at Northern Tool in South Hills Mall in Cary.

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