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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ward Emergency Essentials order for October

I am postponing the due date for the checks for Emergency Essentials.  WE DID NOT GET ENOUGH ORDERS TO MAKE THE FREE SHIPPING.  We're not even close on the tomato powder, but if 3 more cans of freeze dried chicken are ordered, we would get the great price on the chicken and also get free shipping on everything else.  Any more takers on the chicken?  And for those of you who ordered tomato powder, want to pay $8 more dollars and change your tomato powder order to chicken instead?
The freeze dried chicken is a great deal.  If we buy 12 cans it is $28 each instead of $42.95, and give us free shipping.   If you are hesitant to use freeze dried chicken, please read Crystal's review on 
Please email me if you are planning to order, so I'll know if we will have enough orders.  And remember, you can buy anything else with free shipping, so look at the website for other things you might want.
Checks can be given to me at church on Oct. 23 (but not in the chapel) or at my house until Mon. Oct. 24.

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