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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Save Money, and buy your food storage

I was reading on a website about saving money, and they gave a whole list of things you could do.  I about choked because I already did every one of those things!

If you don't have money to buy food storage, think about doing one or many of the following so you CAN buy your 3 months supply or your long-term supply.

Dismiss the yard and housekeeping services and do it ourselves. Cut coupons and shop sales for groceries. Minimize dining out and cook meals from scratch at home. Drive an older used car. Cancel the cable television contract. Keep a vegetable garden. Buy clothes at the thrift store. Buy household items used at garage sales and on craigslist. Cancel the fitness center membership and costly extracurricular activities for the children. Go camping locally, or stay with relatives, instead of traveling for expensive resort vacations. Get a set of clippers and do home haircuts. Use the library, rather than buy books. Sell or donate items no longer used. Combine driving trips, ride bikes and take the school bus to minimize driving. Cancel the children's cell phones. Stay home for entertainment, play games and read books. Check videos from the library, rather than go out to movies. 

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