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Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Contagion" movie: Things They Got Wrong

While watching "Contagion" on Friday night, these are the things I noticed that I didn't think they got right:

They showed that looting took place but no one was hurt. 

They showed that the streets are filled with garbage but no one gets sick from it. 

They show the MRE food line and that they "ran out" but the movie goes on for months without anyone starving. No ill effects from the lack of food. Matt Damon and his daughter stayed home for months...what did they eat?  Typical Americans don't have much in their cupboards.

They mentioned that only 25% of the law enforcement showed up to work, the teamsters wouldn't drive trucks, that all the nurses went on strike, and trash collectors weren't picking up the trash.  They NEVER mentioned the possibility that the workers at the city water supply or public utilities such as natural gas and electricity didn't show up.  Yet power, water, and cellphone service were still working throughout the movie. 

It was silly to me that the department store where the dad bought his daughter a dress was still in business.  That was ridiculous, since one out of four people were dead.  No, I don't think a dress store would still be open.

Anyway, I hate to burst your bubble, but if a "Contagion" scenario really happens, it will be a lot worse than the movie.

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  1. As a Student Microbiologist, we watched contagion and had to come up with a list of things they did wrong. A lot of what you said was stated. They did a nice job on showing the random circumstances of objects that you could touch and infect someone, but the follow through on some of the bigger more obvious sources was left missing.