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Monday, October 17, 2011

Got Charcoal?

In the Ensign January 1974, President Ezra Taft Benson quoted President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., of the First Presidency, who in April 1937 had said: 
“Let every head of every household see to it that he has on hand enough food and clothing, and, where possible, fuel also, for at least a year ahead. "
Do you have enough fuel for a year?  If not, want to try to get enough fuel for a few months?
Here is the calculation for how much charcoal you need to cook 365 meals: 
Take the # of Dutch Oven meals planned for the year____ X 20 briquettes per meal =_____ divided by 30 briquettes per pound = pounds needed.

365 meals X 20 briquettes = 7300 divided by 30 = about 243 lbs or about 12-20 lb bags, or about 16 – 15 lb bags

Someone else said Kingston charcoal was 17 or 18 briquettes per pound.  So that example would be:
365 meals x 20 briquettes per meal = 7300 divided by 18 = about 405 lbs or 20-20 lb bags.

The picture above shows four 13.9 lb. bags, two 23 lb. bags, and two 20 lb. bags. (Why do they make every bag a different size?!!???!!)  So that is either a half a year's fuel or a third of a year's fuel, for cooking.

Of course I have a solar oven, so on sunny days I won't be using the charcoal.  So I hope that will stretch it farther.

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