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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Ideas for Pantry Meals in a brown paper bag

 I have already linked to this woman's blog twice, , but a couple of days ago I finally actually sat and read a bunch of her posts.  They are great!

What she does is to make a meal out of completely shelf-stable ingredients.  And she shows step-by-step photos, so you can see how she does it.

Another great idea she had was to pre-package her ingredients into brown paper lunch bags.  This proves to her that she owns every single ingredient that goes with that meal.  She will never be caught short of something she needs.  It is a brilliant idea.

When you first go to her blog, click on the words "Catch the Vision" on the right side of the page.  Those are introductory videos that explain her whole method.

I hope you will go and look at her blog.  I hope to do some ward challenges, directing our ward to go to her blog and use some of her recipes and photo instructions.

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