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Friday, October 14, 2011

More explanation for October Emergency Essentials order

This is quick, but you will need to get your checks (made out to me) by October 20.

I think there are some good deals in the group order category for October.  I would like to get our ward and Green Level and Cary 1 together if I have to, because I want to get at least 12 cans ordered of freeze dried chicken and at least 12 cans of tomato powder.  These two things will qualify us for free shipping.  (All the other items I am listing do NOT qualify for free shipping.)

If you are in Morrisville Ward, Green Level Ward, or Cary 1 ward, and you want to order freeze dried chicken or tomato powder, I will include you in our order.  Otherwise, only Morrisville Ward members, please.

I am going to buy some Beqa cheese. It is canned cheese, when you open it, it looks a little like Velveeta but it is white cheddar.  It is canned in Australia, so the size is in grams.  I compared it to other sized cans, and it looks like it would be about 9 oz.  The cans are $3.29 each, which is hardly more than it was in 2009  (so that is a good deal comparitively.  All prices are up.)

A #10 can of freeze-dried peach chunks for $16.99 is good, it is on sale from $22.50.

Someone in our ward is interested in buying some cans of the granola, if at least 6 cans are ordered they are 50 cents cheaper.

The freeze dried chicken is a great deal.  If we buy 12 cans it is $28 each instead of $42.95, and give us free shipping.   If you are hesitant to use freeze dried chicken, please read Crystal's review on 

If we buy 12 cans of tomato powder, it is $20 per can instead of $30.95. (And qualify for free shipping.)  This can be rehydrated to make anything like ketchup, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc. (of course you would have to have a recipe and the additional ingredients.)  I have found that tomato products in cans don't last too long, so I am storing tomato powder because it lasts much longer without going bad.

 I don't mind it if we DON'T qualify for free shipping, if we don't qualify we can do the order anyway and with several people buying, each just pays their prorated share (Maria and I were the only ones who ordered in August, she paid about $2 shipping and I paid $7 shipping because I ordered a lot more than she did.)  However, for the items that are $10 cheaper when ordered with a group order, I can give you your money back and not order if we don't meet the group order.  (So wait to write your checks until we find out if we meet the group order requirements.)

Remember, if we qualify for free shipping, EVERYTHING else qualifies for free shipping on the same order (buckets, water barrels, etc.)  So if you want something heavy, order it when we get free shipping.

Look at the website for more prices: .

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