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Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Challenge #2- What if you are stranded at work

October 2011 challenge Provident Living Challenges:
Do one of these by the November Relief Society meeting and get a prize!

Challenge #2:  Consider what would happen if one of the adults in the family was at work when a disaster happened, and do at least one of the following:
Pack a 72 hour kit and keep it permanently in the commuting vehicle or in the workplace.  Include sleeping gear, long-lasting food, hygiene supplies, matches or firestarters, water, and flashlights.
Plan how to get home, possibly on foot.  Pack good walking shoes in your trunk or at work, if you regularly wear high heels or other unsuitable shoes.
During fall and winter, make a habit of always having cold weather gear (coat, hat, gloves, boots) in your trunk or at work.  If you have to walk home in inclement weather, or if you are stuck in a building with no heat, these will be important.
Speak to your family about disaster situations, and make definite plans in case communications are down.  Which will be the rule?    a)If you don’t hear from me, I will make it home myself, OR 
b)If you don’t hear from me, come and get me at a predetermined spot.  Think about an earthquake, terrorist attack, hazardous spill on the freeway.  Heading toward the disaster may be more dangerous than waiting for the loved one to get home on his/her own.

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