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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tender Mercies

I go to yard sales and Goodwill every week.  I pray every day to be led to those items that we need for preparedness.  Sometimes when I am out doing errands I drive past Goodwill without stopping, and other times when I am near it I feel like I need to go inside.  On Saturday mornings I pray with great faith that I will go to the right yard sales.

I try to follow the Spirit as I drive around, and when I have a choice between turning one way or the other, I try to listen.

I have a testimony that the Lord has guided me many times.  Invariably, I find something that will help my family with food storage, shelter, camping, fuel, or light.

In the past two months, I have purchased a brand new zero degree sleeping bag for $15.  A brand new in the box "Big Buddy Tough Buddy" propane indoor heater for $15.  A like-new Coleman propane grill for $5.  A Coleman oven that goes on top of a propane grill for $4.  A double bed foam pad for $4.

 Two down comforters for $5 each.  Three empty 6-gallon buckets with Gamma seal lids for $2 each.  About a hundred pillar candles, I get them for about 25 cents each at almost every yard sale.  Three cans of sterno for 25 cents.

Gardening clay pots, gasoline cans, propane tanks, an ice chest, and foam pads to put under sleeping bags.

Not to mention all the cold-weather gear I have purchased for every member of my family:  Down coats, hats, mittens, snow boots, and ski pants.

I have been very blessed.  I have a testimony that the Lord will help us as we try to accumulate the food storage and preparedness items that will help us and our families in times of trouble.

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