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Friday, August 5, 2011

Buy Solar Yard Lights for Emergency Lighting

I went to Walmart the other day and found these solar yard lights.  The black one was $4 each, or you could buy a box of eight for $20.

The red/white one was on clearance from Independence Day.  It had been $1.50 each, and  now it is marked down to $1 each.

I bought one of each and came home and put them in my yard all day so they got charged in the sun.

The next morning I remembered to bring them inside about 11 a.m.  I put them in my windowless bathroom, and tested them to see how well they lighted the room.

In the dark room, I could hold the light up to my scriptures and read.

Seven hours later, they had not run out of energy.  Same test.  I could still read with them.

Twenty-four hours later, the $1 red/white one was going dim, but still had a tiny amount of light coming out.  The $4 one was still almost as bright as it had been 24 hours earlier, without any extra charging.

I am going right back to Walmart and buying a whole yard full of these things.  They will be a lot cheaper than using flashlights everywhere in the house when we have a power outage.  They are rechargeable, so that means they are much cheaper than using glowsticks.  And they are much safer than leaving a candle lit in the bathroom.

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