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Monday, August 22, 2011

How to get notifications from Greensboro Cannery

The following is an email I got from the outgoing manager of the Greensboro, NC cannery.

When Sister Midkiff and I took over we would have 2 weeks notice of upcoming price changes 

and we could easily notify everyone so they had time to stock up before prices went up, but now

 with the system that runs on the internet the last price change we received an email late

Thursday night that prices would be adjusted the following Monday when we opened. The

 managers no longer have to make the price changes in the cash register, it's all done in Salt

 Lake City and when the manager opens the cash register it's done. If you would like to be

 notified of upcoming price changes or any other news related to emergency preparedness,

 email Elder and Sister Mangum at and give them your

 email address and maybe include your home and cell phone #s.

From Brother and Sister Midkiff

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