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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Coleman Stove

Here is the Coleman stove that I bought at a yard sale for $5.  The guy even threw in the bottle of propane for free! I was quite proud of myself for getting such a good deal.

Wayne had an older Coleman stove, but he likes mine better because it is so shiny and new.  His has one feature mine doesn't have, his has a click start ignition, so you can click it and it makes a spark to light the gas on fire.  With mine, I have to stick that long lighter in the hole on the front and light the gas.

If you don't have a lighter, you could use matches, but I haven't tried that because I am afraid of burning my fingers.

You could also use this stove with a 20 pound refillable propane tank (the green one you see here is a 1-pound non-refillable tank), but to do so you would have to buy a $15 adapter tube.  I got one of those at Walmart, so I am ready to go.

I told Wayne that since I am collecting all my own emergency equipment now, he is in charge of his and I am in charge of mine.  His garage is too dirty, so I am storing my stuff somewhere else, where I can find it.

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