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Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing for High Winds

Friday 8:10 am:  I was just watching WRAL, Channel 5, "The Early Show".  The weatherman was showing a graphic of the width of Hurricane Irene, and how far out the tropical storm level winds extended from the center.

From my untrained eye, and from what I can remember, it appeared that our Raleigh area still has a possibility of getting 35-75 mph winds.

That is still something to worry about!

During Hurricane Fran, the 75 mph winds were very treacherous!  Lots of trees fell, and power lines went down.

We really should be preparing for power outages, and not just sitting back and thinking it is only going to hit the coast.

I already have food and water and flashlights, a manual can opener, and my bills paid electronically.

I have a battery powered radio.

I have a car inverter that I can plug electrical devices into (such as my computer or a TV with an antenna.)

I have an address book with all the phone numbers I need (I don't have to rely on my cell phone for the numbers.)

Yesterday I located my campstove and fuel, and my matches and candles.

Here is what is on my To Do List today:

Fill up all cars with gasoline.

Charge my laptop, cell phone, ipod.

Get some cash out of the bank.

Bring the garden hose, trash cans, and picnic table into the garage.

I'm thinking about taking down all my window screens and storing them so they don't blow away.  But I really don't know whether I will do that or not.

I will add some more 3/4 filled water bottles to the freezer, filling up all available space.  (A full freezer stays frozen longer.)

I will put my solar yard lights out in the yard to charge, so I can use them inside the house later.

After I do all those things, then I think my family will be ready, in case the winds take down some power lines for a few days.

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