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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lots of Water

Storing water is more important than storing food.  (Well, actually you need both.)  Don't forget to store water.

You don't have to buy all factory-bottled water.  If you want to drink bottled water, that is fine, but it is expensive compared to tapwater.

You will need so much water for washing, and it does not have to be expensive.  Store water in every used juice bottle, syrup bottle, soda pop bottle you ever use, instead of throwing any of those away.  These small bottles of water can be hidden in the back of every closet, behind every piece of furniture, in the tops of closets, between the items in your bookshelves and cabinets.  You will be so thankful you have an abundance of water, and it will basically be free.

I was helping someone move, and these were all their empty water bottles.


  1. What should one do to ensure the water doesn't mold or otherwise become unusable? Thanks!

  2. On, they say that chlorinated municipal water doesn't need any further treatment.

    For me, I hide bottles behind a lot of my furniture. I kind of keep a mental note of which was the last room I added water, and if I had to drink it I would drink the freshest water first.

    I try to empty out a whole room at a time onto my garden, and then replace it. But I'm not perfect at doing that.

    I have three 50 gallon water barrels in my garage, and I try to refill them every six months.

    With older water, I will use a backpacker's water filter on the water before drinking it.

    But from experience, I know that the majority of the water will be used for washing, so only a small amount of it needs to be filtered for drinking.