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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Solar oven videos, Killing the bugs on my Summer Squash plants

I really enjoyed watching the eleven different YouTube videos about solar oven cooking on .  I've been cooking with my solar oven this week, and have learned that North Carolina skies are usually clear in the morning, but they start clouding up around noon.  I have had several items that took hours and hours to cook in the solar oven because the clouds kept going over the sun.

I have also watched several videos about common garden bugs.  I learned that the bugs I found all over my summer squash plants are called squash beetles, and I learned to kill them with homemade insecticide.  Just add some liquid dish detergent to a squirt bottle of water, and squirt the bugs with the soapy water.  It really kills them, within about a minute.  It is GREAT!

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