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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm not doing a June Emergency Essentials group order

Our ward just did a big Emergency Essentials  order in May, and I looked at the group specials for June and I was not impressed.  So I am not going to push doing a group order this month.  

Buying the group specials qualifies us for free shipping.  However, the shipping isn't very much anyway when we get a lot of people buying together.  ($12 shipping for anything over $120, and last month our ward spent over $1200.)

Special deals for June

Emergency Essentials has three pages of June specials  (these are cheaper prices for June but they don't qualify for free shipping).  

The 20 degree Fahrenheit Mummy Bag might be a good deal for $44.99, but I'm not an expert on that.

The lightsticks are a good price at $0.99 each.  White and Yellow are the best colors for giving off light, I have heard.  But the White ones only last 8 hours and the Yellows last 12 hours, so I would buy the Yellows.

I compared a few items with the LDS Cannery.

This would be worthwhile to buy from Emergency Essentials:

A #10 can of Dehydrated Carrots at Emergency Essentials is $8.95.
If you want to drive to Greensboro and can the carrots yourself, the price for a #10 can of carrots is  $$8.30.  With gas prices and your time saved it would be worth it. 

I don't recommend buying either of the following from Emergency Essentials:

Here are items which are much cheaper to buy at the cannery:  Apple slices at the cannery are $5.70 for a #10 can, the strawberry flavored apple slices from Emergency Essentials are $13.95.  The Pinto Beans at the cannery are $4.70 for a #10 can, the pinto beans from Emergency Essentials are $$8.95.  

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