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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solar Oven: Eggs, and cake in cans

Here is a photo of my solar oven when I was baking some cake batter inside clean cans (I think these were originally 26.5 oz. spaghetti sauce cans.)  The reason I used the cans is because I don't have the perfect pans yet that fit inside my solar oven.  I've got to order some.  Until then, I just use whatever I can find.  

Note: I spray painted the outside of the cans with High Heat Black Grill Paint.

The other easy thing to cook in the solar oven is eggs. These turn out just like boiled eggs but they aren't boiled, since you use no water. Just place the raw eggs in the solar oven and let them cook. Since we have so many random clouds passing by all the time, I think I have left the eggs in there about an hour, but for full sun it may take shorter.

The eggs were "boiled" perfectly.

In a microwave, you can't put eggs in the shell and cook them, because they will explode. But for some reason, they don't explode in the solar oven.

The only weird thing is that they get a  spot on the shell where they sit on the oven shelf.  But it doesn't affect the insides.

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  1. the video link you sent from emergency essentials said to not get the spots don’t let the eggs touch each other. cook them in a cardboard egg carton without the top. voila no spots. about 7 min 40 sec. i haven’t tried it yet.