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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Rely on Your Memory

Pick a room or closet in your house.  Write down from memory every single thing in that space.  Then go look.

You will be astounded how many things you forgot were in there.

Now consider what would happen after a tornado or fire.  The insurance company tells you that it will only cover the items you list on their forms.  You might list everything you can remember, then get the insurance settlement.

The sad truth is that later you will remember many other things, and be mad that you didn't get the reimbursements that should have been yours.

Whats the solution?

One possibility:  Take your digital camera and empty each closet and room in your house and systematically take photos of every item you own.

Second possibility:  Empty each closet and room in your house and systematically write down a list of everything.

Or combine the two.

Then store the digital photos or list somewhere else:  mail them on a thumb drive to your sister or your friend.


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