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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Church History teaches lessons Part 7

From "Sturdy Shoes and a Waterproof Tent" by William G. Hartley, Ensign Oct. 2001

Church history teaches many lessons about personal preparedness.
Lessons from the Pioneer Famine of 1856, continued

Lesson 2: During times of famine we might choose to fast more often to provide for the needy.
In 1856 fasting made more food available for others. In April, President Brigham Young said that his family saved a considerable amount “by frequent fastings,” which they gave to the poor. One bishop whose ward was “very poor” said he “had nothing to begin with, but he immediately called a fast and the brethren have done pretty liberally.” 9
Lesson 3: When the course of our normal life is disrupted, it helps to fill free time with constructive activities.
A history about circumstances in Spanish Fork, Utah, in 1856 includes this description: “Having no crops to gather, the settlers built bridges, made fences, opened a road up the canyon for the purpose of getting out wood poles and all the men turned out for weeks on these public works, donating their labor.” 10

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