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Monday, April 11, 2011

Testimony of Japanese woman sharing food storage after quake

(Note from Amy:  It is an inspiration to me that this woman still had the means and the desire to help others.  What a blessing that she had food storage!)

Intro from Hiroko Bunderson:
Here are the testimonies. My friend in Sendai had already received permissions from both sisters to share their testimonies with us and others. I would love to share their testimonies with everybody so we can be strengthened also.
When we translate their testimonies, we tried to explain a little bit so other people who are not familiar with Japanese custom can understand but we didn't add too much either.
Here is a testimony of a sister in Nagamachi Ward who walked from Tagajo to Natori, Sendai which is about 12 miles distance. 
"I was washed away while I was still in my car when the Tsunami hit after the great earthquake. The water depth was about 10 feet at that time. I was finally able to escape from the car window when my car came to a place where I was able to stand. (With the help of firefighters) I stayed at somebody’s house that night and I started walking to my house the next morning. I received much help from kind people and finally was able to get home. There were many things on the ground in my house when I get home, but I somehow managed to clean up all the mess.
When I was walking to my house, there were many places that were full of water where I couldn’t walk and I just walked along the railroad. When I was walking to my house, I was reminded of stories of pioneers who were on the way to Utah. Especially, I have been studying about Marry Fielding Smith and I knew her faith and strength. Her story encouraged me while I was walking home and I was able to persevere. Although the times are different, I think I was able to reach my home just like she walked her trail of faith. 
When I got home, many people were struggling with the lack of food. Especially, the elderly people at the nursing homes were having a hard time finding their food and I was able to donate from my one-year’s food supply to them. It was a pleasure for me to do so. Last November, our Bishop in Nagamachi Ward was inspired to study about disaster prevention and food storage so we were studying about these things. I am really grateful for his inspiration. 
Through my experiences this time, I learned how important it is to be obedient to the Lord’s commandments. I am grateful that I was able to receive strength through studying the history of these sisters. 
There are many people who died in this disaster, however I am still here because of the Lord’s will. I think I still have a mission to do. I plan to tell my experiences to children and continue to pray so we will be able to hold on to the iron rod. 
I am grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. 
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 
Hideko Uchiyama"

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