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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to attach a GammaSeal lid

 I keep the food storage that I am currently using in buckets with GammaSeal lids.  These are the deluxe lids (about $7.50 apiece) that easily screw on and off.  No prying them off with a tool.

To attach a GammaSeal lid, take the center out.  Place the ring on your bucket, and whack very hard all the way around with your rubber mallet until the ring clicks down.  I don't think you can ever remove it.

I have never had one of my buckets break or crack after I've attached a GammaSeal to it, but when that ever happens, I expect I'll have to throw the whole thing away.  I think it is pretty permanent.

After you have attached the ring, then you can screw on the center.

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