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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nitro-Pak explains why many food storage items are back-ordered

This is from (Click on the link near the top of the home page "Click-Why the Long Processing Time?")

Dear Friend and Valued Customer,
Thank you for your order. We very much appreciate your business!
I wanted to give you an IMPORTANT UPDATE. The current demand for preparedness foods is at an all-time high since the days of Y2K (1999). This has affected EVERY preparedness company in America. It has been growing and growing over the past several months (since the November elections) and remainsEXTREMELY HIGH due to America's and the world's current political & economic uncertainty as well as HIGH INFLATION FEARS. Because of this demand, our order processing time has increased.
We appreciate your patience. Just like Disneyland, the lines are long, but they are still moving although very slow! This is one line you do not want to get out of!
The nation's emergency food manufacturers have all been overwhelmed with orders, so much so that Mountain House has stopped selling to 99% of their dealers except NITRO-PAK and a few of others. We are receiving shipments each week, but demand still exceeds supply.
PLEASE NOTE:We currently are NOT TAKING ANY MOUNTAIN HOUSE CAN FOOD ORDERS per their request. Their backordered list is too long. Please understand with over 34 Mountain House canned food items and with their ability to make 3-5 items per week, out-of-stock holes WILL occur. We will be sending out unit orders with the Nitro-Pak foods first and Mountain House foods as they become available. You will receive several different shipments over the next few months as we receive products. This is the best way to ensure you get your order asap.
To expedite orders with pre-packaged food units, some substitutions WILL become necessary. Any such substitution will be of equal or greater value. Backorders in units may be required when substitutions are unavailable and will be done at no extra cost to you. WE WILL PAY FOR ANY BACKORDER SHIPPING COSTS. I think that is only fair.
Most non-food orders are being processed in about 2-5 business days. Orders with MOUNTAIN HOUSE #10 canned foods, food reserve units or modules MAY TAKE up to 160 DAYS TO SHIP due to EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND(some backores may still occur.)
Please understand, this is no self-serving hype here just raw, unfiltered facts from one who has been in this business for over 25 years. I predicted that this would happen over 12 months ago, and so it now has.
We are fulfilling in the order we receive them. Rest assured, we will NOT process your credit card until we are ready to ship your order, unlike you might find elsewhere. Thank you, in advance for your understanding and patience!
On behalf of the entire Nitro-Pak Team, THANK YOU AGAIN for your order!
Harry R. Weyandt
President, Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center, Inc.

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