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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Over 60 Tornadoes in North Carolina yesterday

Yesterday we had to call our son and tell him to take cover, a tornado was within a mile of his apartment.  He and his wife live near Avent Ferry Road.

Today we had to drive through intersections with no traffic lights on the way to the Garner church building, the power is still out on South Saunders Street.

It is shocking to read the news stories of the people killed and buildings demolished in our county, as well as in about 4 adjoining counties.

So, what did you learn from this massive tornado outbreak yesterday?  I want you to send in comments.

Here are some things I learned:

1- I was too non-chalant about the weather forecast.  I knew there was supposed to be severe weather, but assumed it wouldn't happen to me, so I really wasn't watching the TV or listening to the radio.  When I decided to turn it on, there was already a tornado on the ground in my son's area.

2- If the power had been out, we wouldn't have had a way to get news.  My solar/windup radio quit working and I haven't bought another one yet.

3- If that tornado had been heading for my neighborhood, I think I would have been tempted to drive to Wendy H.'s house, since they live in our neighborhood and have a basement.  I should make a point to talk to them about that, in case this scenario happens again.

4- Several people in other states were hit by tornadoes as they slept, and were killed by trees falling on them in their beds.  I much prefer tornadoes to hit in the daytime, when you can be aware they are coming.  Yes, it is inconvenient to sleep in our living room, but it is much safer to sleep downstairs when severe weather is predicted.  Don't sleep upstairs when there is a tornado watch!

Please add your own comments.  What did you learn?


  1. our hand crank radio (had it for 2 years but never tried it) didn’t work. so we had to use batteries for the radio. i learned to test and try new products even if i don’t plan to use them right away.

    our biggest concern was water so we hurried and filled all our 5 gallon containers that have been sitting in a corner empty.

  2. Seth and I have been talking about backing up the files on our computer for months but this finally got us started doing that today.
    Also, I was in the middle of updating our 72-hour kits and everything was spread out on the floor Saturday afternoon. Not such good timing.