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Friday, April 8, 2011

April Provident Living Challenge

Congratulations to the women who each won some cookies last night!  

These women met the goals for February: Karen G, Mary Ann P, Nicki H, Amber T., Latacha D, Kayte D., and Laura H.

This woman met the challenge for March:  Amelia B.

April 2011 Provident Living Challenges:
Do one of these by the May evening Relief Society meeting and get a prize!
1. Print out at least one of the food storage booklets from the CD “Over 1000 Pages of Food Storage Information” which Amy gave out at her Apex stake women’s day presentation on March 12, or at the Morrisville Relief Society evening meeting April 7.  (If you didn’t get a CD, ask Amy for one.)  

2.Learn a gardening skill or work in your garden.
If you have never had a garden, here is the minimum assignment.  Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot or a garden center and buy at least one tomato plant.  

(Make sure you look to see if it is "Indeterminate", which means it grows as a vine and needs a trellis to hold it up, or if it is "Determinate", which means it grows as a bush.)

Keep the plant indoors, and keep it watered, until April 15.  Then you can plant the tomato outside in a pot with potting soil, or prepare the ground with potting soil and plant it in the ground. Talk to Amy if you want more instructions.
If you have had gardening experience before, your assignment is to get your garden ready and start planting things.  Anything you do to prepare or plant your garden will qualify you for the prize.

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  1. I am a stake and ward preparedness specialist here in Chandler, AZ surfing the web for preparedness ideas, quotes, class ideas, etc. and found your ward blog. LOVE your idea Amy of giving a monthly challenge to each of the sisters. Clever and motivational! We have a ward provident living blog as well. Seems like a good way to keep everyone informed and a good place to "dump" all the handouts and extra info. Come over and check us out at:

    Your blog is great! Good job and thanks for the ideas! "Keep calm and carry on!"