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Monday, April 18, 2011

Maple Island Milk- none available

First, the Walton Feed prices got raised 5% right in the middle of our stake doing our big order.

Then, the Church canneries raised their prices between 6% and 38%.

Mountain House food is back-ordered for months.

And now, right when our stake was going to order a bunch of powdered milk from Maple Island, they have notified us that they are completely out of stock.

Does this make you a little nervous?

Well, don't panic.  But I would advise you to not be complacent, either.  Times may be getting tougher, but there are still opportunities to buy food storage.  Just don't pass them up.

Pray for help and inspiration,  study grocery prices, and buy food wherever you can find it for good prices. But we need to be pro-active and actually search and pray about this, because I assume it won't be as easy to get food storage in the future as it has been in the past.  But I know the Lord will assist us in this effort, because it is important and it is a commandment of God.

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