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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What kinds of buckets and lids should you order?

A woman in my ward asked about the current order we are doing for buckets and lids.  

She asked, " I need buckets for about 75 lbs of wheat that I'd like to be able to access regularly over a year or two.  What kinds of buckets and lids would you recommend?"

Here is my answer:

Get the regular buckets, either 5 gallon or 6 gallon, depending on how tall you want them to be.  All mine are 6 gallon (18 1/2 inches tall)  so I built my pantry and closet shelves high enough for them to sit on the floor.

All the buckets are standard, and will fit the standard lids.  The regular gasket lid is $1.50, you push those down really hard and seal them, they are difficult to get off without a special lid wrench.  I have all my long term storage with those lids.

Then when I want to use something on an ongoing basis, I put it into a bucket with a Gamma Seal lid.  Those are $6.50 and worth every penny.  They have a screw-on lid which is so smooth and easy to get on and off.

I am sending out the order again today, the buckets and lids order is due to Wanda M. in Durham by March 10. 

(The photo is of someone else's food storage.  The back row of white lids are regular gasket lids.  The colored lids are Gamma lids which screw on and off. 

If you look at the top row, you can see tall 6 gallon buckets and a short 5 gallon bucket.)

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