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Friday, March 4, 2011

More information on the powdered eggs at Emergency Essentials

Powdered eggs is on the group sale at Emergency Essentials for March.

The sale price is $14.00 per can (reg 18.95) assuming we meet the minimum purchase.  There are no tax or shipping charges.

If you looked through the Walton Feed Order form, you may have noticed that NO egg products are available there at all at this time, and if they were, their prices are higher. 

     Powdered eggs can be reconstituted for use for baking and cooking items such as quick breads, meatloaf, casseroles, pancakes, cookies, etc . . . Each can is equivalent to about 96 large eggs.  Fresh eggs would be one of the first things we would run out of in an emergency or food shortage, so it is smart to have these on hand.

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  1. I'm in NC. How can I order through the group program? The Emergency Essentials website says they are sold out.