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Monday, March 21, 2011

Consider the need for food in Japan


In another time, another place, Kazuhiro Takahashi could be taken for a tramp, out scavenging for food after a long night on the bottle. In fact, he is just another hungry victim of Japan's tsunami trying to find food for his family.
"I am so ashamed," says the 43-year-old construction worker after he realizes he's been spotted. "But for three days we don't have enough food. I have no money because my house was washed away by the tsunami and the cash machine is not working."
If his haul wasn't so pitiful - his bag had two packets of defrosted prawn dumplings and a handful of vacuumpacked seafood sticks inside - Takahashi might be taken for a looter. But in the port town of Ichinomaki, 320 kilometres north of Tokyo, his story is disturbingly common.
Japan might be a rich country, but a week after the tsunami struck it is struggling to feed and house the victims.


Note from Amy:  I am putting this story on here to remind us all of the terrible plight a person is in after any major disaster.  If all families had a year's supply of food, the people whose homes were still standing could help the people whose homes had been washed away.  

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