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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Woman in my ward did the challenge

A woman in my ward sent this to me, after going 2 1/2 days without eating food from the fridge or freezer:

Hi Amy, I took up the challenge this Sunday to just today.  Let me just tell you one thing that I was very happy about.  I don't use my food storage items, you know the big cans from the cannery, but because of this I did.

I was glad I had powdered milk.  It tasted good and from now on I am just going to use that instead of fresh milk from the store that I pay a lot for and have to carry home.  

I also opened a can of wheat.  At night I would soak it so it would be ready for breakfast then in the morning I'd rinse add more water and either eat that or put it in my Vita Mixer with water and powdered milk.  That was delicious!  I found it very filling.  

By lunch I'd still not be hungry and I lost two pounds the first day!

Thank you for the challenge.  I not only feel more prepared but have found a good way to not eat as much!

Thanks for all you do to help us be prepared.


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