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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reminder: Start your Shelf Stable Foods challenge today!

2012: A Year of Preparedness
Our August Challenge is:  Eat no food from the fridge or freezer for 3 days , while imagining it is a widespread power outage..
Choose 3 consecutive days, and during that time, make all your meals out of shelf stable ingredients.  
Tape your fridge and freezer shut from Sunday after church until Wednesday breakfast. (Suggested starting dates:  today or next Sunday Aug. 19)
Using all other electricity is OKAY during this challenge. Using city water is also okay.
No using ice or ice chests.  We are practicing how it will be after power is out for several days, with no ice available.
If you have leftovers, you can store them in the fridge, but you can’t get them back out until Wednesday.
You are not restricted from shopping, but you can’t use anything refrigerated or frozen.
Learn whether you have all the ingredients necessary for making the food you want to eat.  Are the meals nourishing?
Become aware of some unpleasant things you may have to endure.  For instance, you may have to eat cold cereal with room temperature powdered milk.  How will your children handle this?
Consider non-electric methods for cooling food, and plan to buy items which will help you for a future disaster situation.
Please email Amy and tell her what you've learned!

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