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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First hand account of using Shelf Stable Food

Here is a comment from a woman in my ward who did the challenge for this month:

Well I did learn a lot from this challenge.  I think the biggest thing is that I should not exercise as much as I usually do because my body does not do so well on that kind of a diet.  Oh, I need my fruits and veggies ;)  We also decided to extend your challenge because when I went to the store I couldn't believe how many options there were for already prepared meals and desserts that you didn't have to add anything but water or milk to.  So I bought one of every kind and we will once a week make 2-3 meals of those and taste test.  Eventually we will be done and be able to decide which ones our family likes and store those.  We have decided to have a 1 year storage of stuff that we are not going to be too happy with eating but will survive.  A 3 months shelf stable that will be what we normally eat just lesser quality, but with that we will open cans of dehydrated stuff like cheese, meat, sour cream, butter, eggs etc...  AND we will store a one week supply of shelf stable that you just add water or milk because quite frankly I don't want to open up one of those large cans for just a power outage that may only last a few days.  -B.D.

What a great example of really diving in and trying to learn from a challenge!

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