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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reminders: The April challenge, I'm giving classes on Food Storage

Our April Ward Challenge is: 
“Learn about Food Storage, and Plan Menus using your Family's Favorite Foods.  Begin buying food from your plan.”
Each family will plan a three month's supply of food.
Each family will begin obtaining a three month's supply of food.
Each family will learn the importance of obtaining their one year's supply.
Read “Family Home Storage: A New Message”,  Ensign March 2009.
Family home evening:  Make a list with your family of all their favorite meals and snacks.  These will become the basis for your three months supply of food.  
Figure out a way to buy all the ingredients for a  few of these meals, to make that meal 13 times (equals once a week for three months.)  Make these purchases over the next few weeks.
Food Storage Classes this month, for members of MV ward and guests
To help you achieve the April goal, I will be offering small group presentations about Food Storage this month   (April 2012).  I have the following dates reserved at our MV building. 
Mornings:  Tuesdays  April 24.  Tentatively 10am-11am unless the attendees want a different time.
Evenings:  Wednesdays, April  18, 25.  Tentatively 7pm-8pm unless the attendees want a different time.
What will I teach?  I will be giving a powerpoint presentation which I originally gave at the March 2011 Stake Women’s Day, called “One Thousand Pages of Food Storage Information in 30 minutes”.  I will be going through the contents of the CD which I will give to the attendees.  The CD contains all the documents you might need to help you plan your food storage.
I am also eager to answer any questions you might have.  Please email me with items you want me to cover in the class, and I will try to bring information geared to your interests.  (If you have already attended this powerpoint presentation, but still want to learn more about food storage, we can arrange something different.)
 If I can get at least three people to attend, I will hold the class.  Couples may attend, or one adult from a family is also welcome.  Please email me if you want to attend.  
If I cancel the class because of no one signing up, I will announce that on the MV RS google group.  Please phone me if you want to attend at the last minute, to see if the class is happening.
Please read this blog .  Almost every day I put up new information about the ward's challenge for that month.

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