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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easy food for Two Weeks

As part of your Three-Month's supply, you might want to have two weeks of VERY EASY TO PREPARE  foods.

We are very vulnerable to hurricanes and ice storms in this area. For the first 3 days or 4 days after a major disaster you will be totally on your own, and probably without electricity. Either evacuating to somewhere else, or sheltering in place.

Prepare to have every necessity of life, especially water. Plan to do no cooking or minimal cooking. (And remember, without power you will probably be warming up these foods over a campstove.)

We are so blessed to have grocery stores filled with convenience foods.  I recommend the same types of food my sons take on a backpacking or camping trip, or that my husband takes as a lunch to work. These will cost some money, but you don’t want to be messing with lots of ingredients and preparations when dealing with a disaster.

All of these items are SHELF STABLE, which means they do not need refrigeration.  (You probably won't have any refrigerator or freezer during a disaster.)

 The "Annie Chun" noodle bowl was on sale for $2.

 These Hormel main dishes were on sale for $1.85 each.

The Dinty Moore Stew was about $3.85.

(As you can see, I have stored some other ingredients which will make the meals more complete.)

You could argue that these convenience foods are highly processed, and aren't as healthy as homemade.  Oh, well, in times of emergency they will definitely keep you alive. 

I also have lots of lemonade and koolaid and chocolate milk to make the stored water or powdered milk taste better.

These foods would be counted in with your three month's supply.  They are definitely not something that would store for many years, you are going to have to rotate them quite frequently.

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