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Sunday, April 15, 2012

How long does it take to use up a #10 can at your house?

Today I finally got to the bottom of my #10 can of powdered eggs.  I use powdered eggs all the time for baking, I only use fresh eggs for doing scrambled eggs, etc.  It is interesting to keep track of how long a food storage item lasts.  I have started writing when I opened the can on the outside of each can.  This one took 9 months to use up.

This was a couple of cans ago.

I can see on my can of powdered milk (that I use for all my baking, but I never use it for drinking) that it only takes us about 3 months to use it all.

This information helps me to know how many cans of powdered eggs and powdered milk to have in storage.  

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