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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Emergency Essentials order for April due April 22

I will be out of town this Sunday, so bring your checks the next Sunday, April 22 (but don't give them to me in the chapel.)  

The Emergency Essentials website is 

Here are the group specials: (much reduced prices, if our group orders at least 12 of one of these we get free shipping on the whole order.)

Freeze dried banana dices, #10 can,  $14.00 (originally $23.95).  I know dehydrated bananas are cheaper than freeze dried, I have no experience to know the difference in taste.  Must order 12 to receive discount.

Tote-able Toilet Lid.  Gives you the ability to turn an ordinary bucket into a portable toilet.  $6 each (originally $8.95).   Must order 10 to receive discount.

Freeze dried Peach Chunks.  #10 can, $15.00 (originally $30.95).  Must order 12 to receive discount.


Here are the April specials (reduced price.  Buying this does not help us get free shipping.) 

Katadyn Hiker microfilter, $49.99 (reg. $74.95)  This is a good water filter, but the filter only lasts for about 200 gallons before you need to replace it.  If you want to spend $100, you can get a much better filter at REI, called a Sawyer, which filters 10,000 gallons.

Beqa cheese, in a can, the size of canned chicken.  7.05 oz.  $3.39.  If we order 6 or more, $3.29 each.

Sour cream powder, #10 can, $19.99.  If we order 6 or more, $18.99 each.  (I have some of this.  It should be used in baking or in Mexican casseroles, not as straight sour cream.  It doesn't taste quite the same.  I didn't like it in spinach dip.)

IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets.  14 tablets (enough to treat one person for two weeks).  $9.99 per set.  These block the thyroid from absorbing radioactivity after a nuclear disaster.  Remember how everyone was ordering these just after the Fukishima disaster?  

Nutrimill Wheat Grinder and Bagger combo,  $229.99.  This is a really good price.

If you don't get an Emergency Essentials catalog mailed to your house every month, go online at and sign up for one.  It is a lot easier to look through the catalog and see what is available.

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