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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yikes! The 7 Day Challenge Started Today! No Sewer

The challenge today on  is Very DIFFICULT!  We are supposed to figure out how to dispose of human waste without a toilet/sewage capabilities.  Read  to learn more about it.

I hate to admit it, but I don't think I am going to do the challenge today  (I did all 7 days in 2010, and really learned a lot.)

I do have a few of the items done for today's challenge.  I have a year's supply of toilet paper. I own some empty buckets I could use. I own lots and lots of heavy black trash bags.   I own an "emergency toilet" which is like a folding chair/potty seat with a plastic bag underneath.  But I don't want to use it today!

I believe I would have to dig holes in my yard to bury the bags, and I'm afraid of hitting some gas line or cable. ( I have purchased a post-hole digger for this exact purpose).   I guess what I will do is call the city to come and mark my yard so I will know where my utilities are, so in the future I will know where it is safe to dig.

I don't own the lime powder to sprinkle on the poo to decrease the odor (they say you can also use Borax or bleach),  or the SuperSorb chemical that turns urine into a gel.

Because I am not actually practicing how to dispose of human waste,  it makes me quite worried about dealing with this scenario if it ever happens.

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