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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bedside Grab Bag

I have to admit I never EVER thought of this before.  This is a brand new idea for me.

(Maybe this is more common in earthquake-prone areas.)

I just read something on an emergency preparedness site, where a woman was listing all the things she kept next to her bed.

In her bedside grab bag, she kept a whistle, hard hat, flashlight, work gloves, an emergency ration bar, and a crowbar.  I can only imagine that each of these items would be very, very useful if you were buried in an earthquake and had to fight your way out.  In fact, in an earthquake-prone area, I think any intelligent person would want to keep these things beside their bed.

I am not sure we have that big of a need to keep these things beside our beds here in North Carolina, but we should probably brainstorm what items would help us.

In our house, we keep flashlights beside our beds.

I also keep a pair of old shoes right under my side of the bed, because I heard Carol B. talk about a tornado she lived through.  When they woke up in the night, they had to run through their demolished house and neighborhood, and she wished she could find her shoes.  That was a good enough warning for me, and now I always know where my shoes are.

What other emergency supplies do you keep by your beds?  Add your comments.

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